Dead@17: Sourcebook Review

What we get with Dead@17: Sourcebook is a pretty quick but extensive overview and synopsis of everything related to Josh Howard's demon-slaying universe. If you've never been exposed to D@17, then this is the perfect way to get a sneak peek into the saga so far. It gives you enough information to introduce you to each character while spiking your interest to want to get caught up on what you've already missed.

Each page is chocked full of information on a certain character or faction. Howard gives us a detailed summary of the character's background story, powers, current status, and aliases. Also included is a new full body color drawing of each one surrounded by a couple of pictures taken directly out of the individual comic series they've appeared in. He does a really good job of spotlighting each and every one.

The Sourcebook basically looks like a regular issue of the comic, which surprised me. I figured it would be packaged kind of like a graphic novel witht the more heavyweight papaer stock for the outer cover. It's still very cool - it just wasn't what I was imagining in my head when I saw it. This is a VERY limited edition, so if you want to get your hands on it you better order it right away! It's definitely very much worth it for fans and a great way to get introduced to the characters and series. You can go here to see if Josh has any more copies he could sell you directly. He'll probably throw in an autograph on it, as well.

Now if they would just reprint Dead@17: Protectorate and Dead@17: Roughcut as trade paperbacks, my collection would be complete. The movie can't be made fast enough for me, either! (Review by Eric Shirey)