DVD Review - Dead Snow (2-Disc Special Edition)

Special Features:
"Behind Dead Snow" Featurette, "Madness in the North" Featurette, "Madness in the West" Sundance Film Festival Featurette, "Sounds of Dead Snow" Featurette, Visual Effects Featurette, "Burning the Cabin" Featurette, Outtakes, and two trailers.

The horror-film-as-convenience-store, Dead Snow offers everything you could possibly want under one roof. Quickly paced story, likable characters, healthy doses of gore, humor and tension. It also supplies - almost, really - that elusive golden bough of horror films: a happy ending.

Seven Norwegian friends hike to a distant, snowbound cabin, where they expect an eighth to meet them (she's skiing in from the mountains, but for some reason has not arrived). As they party through the night, their fun is halted when a local man stops at the cabin and informs them of the area's history: at the end of World War II, a Nazi regiment was attacked by local villagers who were tormented by the soldiers for years. The locals chased the remaining squads into the mountains, where it was assumed the Nazis had frozen to death. The man explains that the area has always had an evil presence, and warns them to be careful. He leaves, and they resume their fun.

The next morning their friend still hasn't shown up, so her boyfriend takes the only snowmobile and searches for her. But soon all of them are besieged by scores of snarling, zombie Nazis. And that's pretty much all the plot Dead Snow has to offer. Yet with perfectly gauged doses of gruesome dismemberment, nerve-jangling frights and even a few tender moments between the friends, director Tommy Wirkola has created a fun, wicked little entertainment that answers the question: can you defeat the Nazi zombie horde if you're missing a limb? (Review by Steve Norwood - content provider for the Asian Film Festival of Dallas - AFFD)