News Bites:

Wow. I had to dig deep today to find even 30 news stories that I thought would be of interest to other people that may share my taste or read the site. When you write about Battlefield Earth, you know you're desperate to fill space. Haha! There are some nuggets I managed to pull out of the ground, though. There's an interview with the Clash of the Titans writers. We get conflicting stories about if The Hobbit is being stalled or started soon. Dennis Hopper finally gets a Hollywood star. There's also new trailers from Iron Man 2, The Last Airbender, Toy Story 3, and The New Daughter for you to check out. It's all right after the jump!

Battlefield Earth writer APOLOGIZES for the movie

Adam Green Talks 'Hatchet 3', 'Frozen' DVD/Blu-ray, and Upcoming Projects (Sorta)!

Interview with 'Clash' Writers Matt Manfredi and Phil Hay

Full Casting for Urban Horror-Thriller 'Comedown'

Final Teaser for 'Bio-Slime' Brings the Sticky, Gross Goodness!

A Horrific Discovery in Exclusive 'Shelter' Clip

Syfy Offers First Sneak Peek at Mega Piranha

New Trailer for The New Daughter

The Hobbit Hobbled?

New Last Airbender TV Spot!

Iron Man 2 TV Spot!

New Banner for The Losers

Shawn Levy Compares His Robot Boxing Movie To Rocky

Sofia Vergara Plays With Smurfs

Mark Millar Says He Turned Down X-Men 4

Gollum Says The Hobbit Is Shooting Soon

Horrifying New Toy Story 3 Teaser, And Find Out How To See The Movie Early

Rachel Weisz Could Be James Bond's Next Villain

A frail Dennis Hopper gets Hollywood star

Makers of Clash of the Titans remake explain what they've done to the classic

Get Ready For The Shogun Warriors!

Matthew Vaughn To Direct Bloodshot