News Bites

Wow. What a day in news! Chris Evans goes from Super Hero sidekick to the heavyweights. Another Disney movie gets a name change. A Twilight: Eclipse clip that shows me nothing I haven't seen before - where is all the David Slade influence? Hogwarts destroyed in a house fire? News on the different look for The Hobbit. Penelope Cruz is Blackbeard's daughter in Pirates 4. Check it all out after the jump.

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Rumor control: Did a massive fire destroy Harry Potter sets?

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300 May Get a Re-Release… in 3D!

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Freida Pinto Rumored To Have Been Cast In Bond Girl Role

First Full Twilight: Eclipse Scene Puts Bella And Edward In Bed

Pixar's The Bear And The Bow Retitled As Brave

Hemsworth Cut From The Expendables To Make Room For Plot

Own A Piece Of Iron Man

'Scream IV' Officially Greenlit with Wes Craven Attached

'Hack/Slash' Creator Finds Prey for Werewolves' 'Wild Game'

Magnolia Taking 'Rec 2' Into Theaters This July?!

A Dead Ricci Highlights Official 'After.Life' One Sheet

Tim Burton Actually Gearing Up for 'Frankenweenie' 3D?

Jessica Chastain Takes Up Residence in The Fields

German Killer Bees Attack Spain on American DVD! Get Ready for Killer Swarm!

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Warner Bros. Gets Out Horror With Bleach

New Artwork and Trailer: Dead Cert

Chris Evans IS NOW Captain America

Penelope Cruz To Play Blackbeard's Daughter, Says I

Little Brother Going To The Big Screen. Still Has To Wear Hand-Me-Downs.

A Different Look For The Hobbit

Bryan Singer Giant Killer

Louis Leterrier Talks Avengers And Hulk