News Bites:


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Wolverine Sequel Has Finished Script

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Chris Weitz Not Keen on Returning to The Twilight Saga for Breaking Dawn


Sherlock director to turn King Arthur into Star Wars

OK, we get it now—Neil Patrick Harris can do anything

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James Cameron says: Bring on the Avatar jokes, Oscar!

Rachel Nichols Cast As Tamara in Conan

Fast & Furious 5 Taking Place In Brazil?

Four More Movies Announce 3D Intentions

Vin Diesel Updates 'Riddick' Status

Progress Update on 'Zombieland 2 3D'

'1408' Writer Returns to King Territory with 'Pet Sematary'

'Survival of the Dead' Official Red Band Teaser Trailer Debut!

'Chain Letter' Going Theatrical This May

What Does Snipes Want From Blade 4?

Deepak Chopra's Beyond to Become a Feature

Mark Millar on Directing His Own Superhero Movie

Rumored Captain America Synopsis Not Accurate

Downey Jr. to Premiere Iron Man 2 Trailer on Jimmy Kimmel!

Natali Readying Splice for Release

Danny Glover Goes Moby Dicking for a White Dragon

Robert Englund Suffers Through The Night of the Sinner

UFOs Attack Russia in The Darkest Hour

Honey, I Shrunk The Kids Remake Rumored

Freida Pinto Back On Bond's Babe Radar

Katy Perry, Alan Cumming And George Lopez Will Be Smurfs

Warner Building An Adventure Fantasy Around Real-Life Explorer Marco Polo

New Editor Brought In For Twilight: Eclipse