News Briefs:

Another fabulous day of reporting movie news. Today we've got a new Godzilla heading towards the U.S. to wreak havoc on us all. There's some gory new images from A Nightmare on Elm Street. Not only will there be a Clash of the Titans, but brace yourselves and your breakables for a War of the Gods! Want to meet Daniel Craig on the set of Cowboys and Aliens? Got $10,000? Click below to see more of todays headlines.

There's another Greek titans movie? With Stephen Dorff??

Rumor control: Two Independence Day sequels locked??

New Godzilla coming to destroy your town

There's bad buzz, but creators defend Clash of Titans' 3-D

Outraged by Kick-Ass' cursing, murderous kid? Too bad

Bloody New Stills from 'A Nightmare on Elm Street'

From 'Let Me In' to 'The Killing Fields'

Theatrical Trailer for 'The Black Waters of Echo's Pond'

Rogue Pictures Heads to 'The Dark Fields' in 2011

Timur Bekmambetov Opens the 'Casebook Of Victor Frankenstein'

Eight New Clips to Give You Some Shelter from the Storm

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Screenplay Writer Revealed

New UK Rec 2 Trailer Home to New Footage

Hot Tub Time Machine Director Gets Hairy With Werewolves of Reseda

*UPDATE* Dimension Teases Us With Halloween 3D Twitter Page

Teaser Trailer For Stuart Beattie's New Movie, Tomorrow: When The War Began

Brand New Trailer For Knight And Day Starring Tom Cruise

Iron Man 2 Domestic Poster

Red Band Trailer For Romero's Survival Of The Dead

Iron Man 2 Black Widow Character Poster

More Iron Man 2 Cups From 7-Eleven!

Another Kick-Ass TV Spot

Chris Hemsworth on Chris Evans and The Avengers

Who Does Jay O. Sanders Play in Green Lantern?

UPDATE: First Look at Scott Pilgrim: The Video Game!

2 New Toy Story 3 Characters: Meet Chunk And Chatter

Comedy Director Parisot Changing Pace With Graphic Novel Adaptation

The Next Star Trek Could Start Shooting This Year!

Rare Star Wars Set Photos Capture Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford Clowning Around

Daniel Craig And Aliens Up For Auction