O'Barr Meets His Creation & Frame 137 Comic Posted

Frame 137 short film director Judd L. Tilyard and 10-year old star Sam Ransom made a trip to Dallas to meet with James O'Barr (The Crow and Frame 137 creator)and discuss the project. Apparently, the post-production process was taking a little longer than expected to complete, so Judd felt that a trip for O'Barr all the way to Austin to unveil the unfinished product at SXSW would be a bit premature. Since Tilyard spends most of his time in Australia, he decided to take advantage of the three hour short distance to Dallas from SXSW and meet with O'Barr at this past weekend's Dallas All-Con. After the jump, you can check out a picture of James O'Barr with Sam Ransom, who portrays Jonny Z in the Frame 137 short.

Apparently, the screening went well, since Tilyard posted on the Facebook page "Our thanks to everyone who made it along and to Robin Blesch for organising things" and that (he'll) "be doing a quick polish on the clip we had there (SXSW) and upload that after Austin."

You can also head over to Frame 137's Facebook page, where you can read the original 1992 Dark Horse Comics-released four page story that inspired the short film. James O'Barr was good enough to give Judd permission to post the whole thing there.