SXSW 2010 - Day 6

Insanity reigns on 6th Street today as the music part of the festival begins, plus it’s St. Patrick’s Day. The benefits of the Film Festival like the shuttle buses and the XXpasses are over. Everyone has to stand in badge lines. I was hoping there would not be the same intensity of movie crowds, but alas.

Started the morning with The Passion Joan of Arc (1928) with live score by In The Nursery. Their moody electronic vibe worked well with the silent film by Carl Dryer. When the movie originally was made, it was censored and was not released. Dryer worked on an edit of the movie, but it was destroyed in a fire. A copy was found in Denmark in 1985 and the film was re-created to what is believed to be the original story. Very intense and you could see why it must of scared the film board.

Life 2.0 by Jason Spingarn-Koff is a documentary on the lives of 4 people whose lives have been totally affected by their obsession with this game. A couple who fall in love in Second Life, divorce their spouses, try and make it work, but realize they don’t get along as well in real life. A man, whose avatar is an 11-year old girl, spends hours all day and night living this made up life that he truly believes she’s a totally separate entity. A woman who supports her real life by selling real estate and clothing for Second Life avatars. She successfully sues another Second Lifer for copying her designs. This is similar to last year’s Dragon Masters which was about people obsessed with RPG’s. I’m sure we will be seeing a doc on people into WOW.

Get Low Q&A (L to R) Bill Murray, ? , Sissy Spacek, and Robert Duvall
The next movie, Get Low, stars Robert Duvall, Bill Murray, and Sissy Spacek. Big line for this movie about a hermit who wants to give himself a funeral while he’s still alive. This works like a dramedy. There are some funny lines, but there’s an underlying seriousness because of the hermit’s past that brings the movie down. Couldn’t stay for the Q&A because I had to rush off for…

Cargo - a Swiss film by Ivan Engler. Life on Earth has become intolerable and most of humanity is living on an over-crowded space station dreaming of settling on Rhea, a planet that is supposed to be like Earth was. Laura signs on as a medic on a Cargo ship where the crew takes turns out of cryo-sleep to tend to the ship’s functions. On Laura’s shift, things get a little hinky, and people start dying. Are they really going to Station 42 and what’s in those cargo holds? People? A very intense and well-paced space mystery. The sounds in the rusty old freighter are intense, like Alien, but only spookier. Great job for the screenwriter / director’s first feature.

The cast of Suck
I then ran quickly to get in line for Suck. This is a vampire / rock music movie about a band called The Winners on a struggling tour in their hearse van. There’s some cool appearances and small roles featuring Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, Moby, and Henry Rollins. Suck is a fun and silly movie that will probably be released later this year. (Article by Reesa Cruz Hawkins of Dallas Movie Screenings)