The 2010 Dallas Big Gold Statue Watching Party

On Sunday, March 7, Red Carpet Crash, The Mungle Show, and BigFanBoy.com presented the best place in Dallas to watch the 2010 Academy Awards at the Historic Lakewood Theater. Everyone arriving walked the red carpet and was photographed by the paparazzi.

An enthusiastic crowd of about 400 gathered at the Lakewood to enjoy THE major movie award show of the year on the big screen. Admission was free, but for a mere $10 you could purchase a VIP pass that allowed for special seating, a drink coupon, and a never ending supply of free Lone Star beer. There was plenty of movie swag downstairs in the form of T-shirts, shot glasses, and posters. Everyone received a ballot to fill in to win a variety of prizes that included DVD’s, CD’s, gift certificates, and passes to the AFFD, Texas Frightmare Weekend, Sci-Fi Expo and the DIFF. The prizes were awarded at random for each correct award selection during commercial breaks by the hosts who were dressed to the nines in tuxes.

There is nothing like being able to share this major event with like-minded movie lovers. The audience would break out in applause as if we were actually in the Kodak Theater. There were definitely blocs of supporters for Inglorious Basterds, Precious, The Hurt Locker, and Avatar as evident by the loud verbal support issued from the crowd.

The Oscar show itself was vastly improved from previous years. It was great to start out with Neil Patrick Harris also did a wonderful job at the Golden Globes. Perhaps they will consider him on his own for the Oscars next year. Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin were witty with old school humor and banter. They didn’t offend, were likable, but didn’t rock the house. For once, they didn’t subject us with the original nominated songs done by someone other than the person who performed it in the movie. Showing musical clips of the music helped to remind us where the music came from. Probably not wanting to repeat this for the original score category, they opted to interpret the music with various dance routines. I usually cringe when Debbie Allen’s dancers come on, but this was a more athletic and hipper version. I still didn’t understand how those dances translated to the movie music, but the dancers’ talents were awe-inspiring.

The show went overtime as usual. Overall, most of the show was tight and quick. They rushed it for the main awards at the end because some of the “thank yous” went on forever. I love Jeff Bridges, but to thank everyone in your life? Really? Sandra Bullock was funny, humble, and made references to her fellow nominees with a funny aside to her “lover” Meryl Streep. Monique was very prepared in her speech as the TV camera panned all the actors of color in the room. It’s always amazing to me to watch as the multiple winners in a category only get one guy to say thanks and they shut the microphone off after he’s done so others don’t have a chance.

I really wanted Avatar to win best movie, but was still happy that The Hurt Locker got its due. This movie got lost at the beginning of the year, and was not supported that well in the theaters. (Article by Reesa Cruz Hawkins of Dallas Movie Screenings)

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