Yay...Yawn...Director Revealed For Paranormal Activity 2

Well, here's some news that will no doubt thrill countless numbers of you out there. They've finally found a victim...er, I mean director to bring the sequel to Paranormal Activity to the big screen. Lots of people are of the opinion that this could only end up being a failure on the epic scale of Blair Witch 2. Personally, I don't know how anyone with a working knowledge of a camera couldn't improve on the original P.O.S. I don't know how one person (me) could have so much hatred in their heart for a simple roll of celluloid, but believe me it is possible. After the jump, you can see a screen capture of original director Oren Peli's personal note of singing optimistic approval for the choice of Kip Williams to take the helm of this monstrosity that could only be equated with the Titanic. Of course, he approves - it's more free cash in his pocket.