An Afternoon With Brendan Fraser & Brooke Shields

Brendan Fraser and Brooke Shields were in Dallas, TX last week to promote their new family film, Furry Vengeance, and MGF was lucky enough to get an invite to the round table with them. Both of the actors were extremely personable and very down-to-Earth. Brendan has a youthful enthusiasm for life in general it seems. Mrs. Shields seems to very much love being a mother, as she mentioned her children and doted on them any chance she got. Read and see more pics after the jump.

I got to talk to Brendan very quickly about the possibilities of another Mummy movie and he said that there are no plans for one right now. What a bummer. I love those movies. I know most movie "critics" or "reviewers" find them useless, but I think they're a ton of fun. He did say, however, that they are working on a second Journey to the Center of the Earth and said he had a blast filming a 3D movie and looked forward to doing it again.

Both Reesa and I were in attendance for the interview and afterwards were given the opportunity to photograph the stars with a Furry Vengeance poster. We then got our pictures taken with the two actors. Check out more of the pictures below.

We'll be posting the entire audio recording of the interview later this week. (Article by Eric Shirey)

A real estate developer moves his family from Chicago to Oregon when his job calls for him to oversee the building of a major housing development. But when his latest project threatens the homes of the local forest creatures, the animals seek revenge by turning a peaceful cul-de-sac under construction into a battlefield of epic proportions. It's man versus nature and the fur is gonna fly!

Furry Vengeance was directed by Roger Kumble and stars Brendan Fraser, Matt Prokop, Brooke Shields, and Ken Jeong.

Vengeance is exacted on Friday, April 30th.