Brendan Fraser Is The Victim Of Furry Vengeance

Summit Entertainment sent over the production notes and press kit for their upcoming family comedy Furry Vengeance. It looks like it could be some fun to see. I know there's a lot of people out there that don't care for Brendan Fraser, but I like the guy. I like all The Mummy movies and thought Journey to the Center of the Earth was a lot of fun, as well. We've got some of the production notes for you after the jump, including a full synopsis of the film, some pictures, and the poster.

For Mother Nature, revenge is a dish best served… furry! In this hilarious family comedy with a message, greedy developers try to pave over paradise and unwittingly launch a side-splitting battle between man and nature. And anyone who doesn’t learn that “green” isn’t just the color of money might just end up as roadkill!

After transplanting his family from Chicago to the Oregon woods for his new job overseeing the construction of a supposedly “eco-friendly” housing development, Dan Sanders (Brendan Fraser) thinks his biggest problem will be helping his city-loving wife Tammy (Brooke Shields) and nature-phobic teenaged son (Matt Prokop) adjust to their new surroundings while pleasing his demanding boss (Ken Jeong). But Dan’s troubles have only begun once the local animals discover his leadership role in the destruction of their habitat. He soon lands atop their Most Wanted list, and realizes how much trouble a few feisty forest creatures can cause!

The clever critters bedevil Dan night and day, sabotaging his work, his peace of mind—and even his wardrobe. Under this concerted attack, Dan soon finds his once-perfect life in ruins. He completely fails in his efforts to trap, deter or even photograph the animal assault team and without proof of the covert woodland conspiracy against him, no one believes Dan’s claims. With his wife and son poised to abandon him, and his construction project in jeopardy, Dan escalates the feud to all-out intra-species war that can only have one winner.

Furry Vengeance stars Brendan Fraser (The Mummy, Crash), Brooke Shields (“Lipstick Jungle,” Pretty Baby), Matt Prokop (High School Musical 3: Senior Year), Skyler Samuels (The Stepfather), Ken Jeong (The Hangover, Knocked Up), Angela Kinsey (“The Office”), Samantha Bee (“The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”) and Wallace Shawn (The Princess Bride) in a wild and woolly showdown between the powers that be and the power of bees. The film is directed by Roger Kumble (The Sweetest Thing, College Road Trip) and produced by Robert Simonds (The Spy Next Door; Yours, Mine and Ours) and Keith Goldberg (17 Again, The Number 23). Ira Shuman (The Spy Next Door, Night at the Museum) and Brendan Fraser serve as executive producers. The screenplay was written by Michael Carnes and Josh Gilbert (Mr. Woodcock). Peter Lyons Collister (Alvin and The Chipmunks, Mr. Deeds) is the director of photography. Lawrence Jordan (The Spy Next Door, Zoom) is the editor. Production designer is Stephen Lineweaver (Role Models, Blades of Glory). Costumes are designed by Alexandra Welker (Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel, Post Grad). David Goldberg is visual effects supervisor. Bobbi Colorado is animal coordinator and Ken Beggs (Year One) is head animal trainer.

Rated PG. Running Time 91 mins.

In Theaters April 30, 2010

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