DIFF 2010 - MGF At Walking Distance Premiere

On Thursday, April 15th, director Mel House finally birthed his two years-in-the-making horror / sci-fi film, Walking Distance. I had missed the red carpet event they did earlier in the afternoon, but made it out to the Premiere Party across the street from The Magnolia Theater.

I got a chance to talk to Mel a bit, who seemed very nervous and excited to finally have people see his film. It was a pretty cool little party. Most of the major actors were there, including Adrienne King (Friday the 13th and Friday the 13th, Part 2) and Glenn Morshower (Transformers movies, 24, Star Trek, The Crazies).

They milled around and hung out with everyone, talking and having drinks. Drinks were on the house, which was cool. I got a chance to interview Mel, actress Melanie Donihoo, and Denton Blane Everett.

After the party, we all headed over to the screening, which had a full house and there was applause by friends of the different actors as they showed up onscreen.

After the movie, they hosted a Q&A, which I videotaped and will be posting later this week. I would have to say that the film had a great reception and was liked by pretty much everyone there. I will also be posting the interviews I did later this week as well. (Article by Eric Shirey)