Frightmare 101

Man, I'll tell you...it really never does end does it? The guys over at TFW have now added two acting classes to their series of instructional classes. And when it comes to acting and tying it in to the horror genre, who better to have as a teacher than Friday the 13th, Part VII actress Lar Park Lincoln. I almost called her "scream queen" and then realized that it wouldn't really fit her, since she found a way to kill supernatural Jason. Lar has written a book and taught classes on acting for years now and brings a lot of experience to the table in a teaching atmosphere. read more about her classes and the other Frightmare 101 classes after the jump.

Lar Park Lincoln will present two courses in our exciting FRIGHTMARE 101 series of instructional classes! The first will be open to any and all actors or aspiring actors and will take place Friday at 7:00 pm-9:00 pm. The second will be open to experienced actors who desire to further their skill in the acting trade. This second class is scheduled for Saturday from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

Lar has agreed to teach these classes for Frightmare attendees at an unbelievably discounted $50 enrollment fee! This fee also includes Lar's book, GET STARTED-NOT SCAMMED! personalized and autographed ($30 00 Value). Total value of this class is $180! To enroll for either of theses acting classes, simply email Lar directly at lar@larparklincoln.com.

Indie filmmaker TIM SULLIVAN (DETROIT ROCK CITY / 2001 MANIACS / DRIFTWOOD) serves up a 90 minute workshop designed to give attendants a crash course in horror movie making. Through the deconstruction of classic sequences from 2001 MANIACS” Sullivan will guide students through an interactive journey from screenplay thru final cut, a process that will include exclusive access to all phases of the MANIACS filmmaking experience including script, storyboard, shot list, raw footage, rough edits, sound design and finished product.

Those who attend will each receive a course booklet including actual script pages and storyboards from "2001 MANIACS" as well as a signed photograph of Tim Sullivan! All for the dirt cheap registration fee of $25.00! This is an unbelievable value. Past attendees of Tim's course have said, "I learned more in this class than I learned in film school!"

Spread the red and pre-register now for Tim's SLASH COURSE in Horror Filmmaking.
Don't wait, space is extremely limited!

Here's the full run down on all the classes:
Friday 7 pm: Acting hosted by Lar Park Lincoln ($50 registration)
Saturday 12 pm: Special Effects hosted by DWN Productions (FREE)
Saturday 2 pm: Writing hosted by author Angeline Hawkes (FREE)
Saturday 4 pm: Production hosted by the Texas Motion Picture Association (FREE)
Saturday 6 pm: Acting Hosted by Lar Park Lincoln ($50 registration)
Sunday 1 om: SLASH COURSE in Horror Filmmaking hosted by Tim Sullivan ($25 registration fee)

See the full schedule here.