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OK. So imagine this. After almost an entire year of problems with the production of The Green Hornet, Sony says it's unhappy with the film. Really? This just couldn't be! It looks like Disney has found it's Little Mermaid for Pirates 4. Is it just me or is anybody else REALLY tired of hearing any sort of news about Joss Whedon? Don't get me wrong - I loved Buffy and Angel, but besides that has he really ever done anything that has really made a studio money? Serenity and Firefly really aren't a big hit. They have a cult following, but the show and the movie really never took off with the mainstream. His Dollhouse was a flop. Everybody pretty much hates everything sci-fi related he's had a hand in writing - Titan A.E. and Alien: Resurrection. But somehow, this dude keeps getting handed jobs by major studios. Now he's supposedly directing one of the most important and anticipated super hero films? Want to know who's playing Spider-Man this week? Don't let Freddy catch you napping or things could get nasty. Check out more stories after the jump.

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