News Bites:

What kind of little morsels of news can I start this dose of News Bites out with? They're already planning another Tron movie? Plans are still moving forward for the completely unnecessary remake of one of the 80's greatest horror film - Fright Night. The newly retitled Planet of the Apes: Ceasar is starting production in July. Don't forget to check out the trailer for The Asylum's MegaPiranha that stars former pop star Tiffany and Barry Williams (yes, THAT Barry Williams). There's also some cast rumor rumblings, which include Harrison Ford playing Cowboys and Aliens and Ashley Tisdale and Lady Gaga being in Final Destination 5. read on after the jump for more.

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Trek's 'Chekov' to fight wampires in Fright Night

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Is Harrison Ford Joining Cowboys & Aliens

Sollett to Direct Marvel Studios' Runaways

Mark Strong on Sinestro in Green Lantern

The Toxic Avenger is Coming Back

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Two International Iron Man 2 TV Spots!

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Bryan Singer's Jack The Giant Killer Will Film In July

Meet Toy Story 3's Big Baby

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First Look at the Norwegian Research Camp from 'The Thing'!

Another Clear Look at Freddy Krueger

Behind-the-Scenes Image from the Set of 'Saw 3D'

Rumor Control: Lady Gaga, Ashley Tisdale NOT in 'Final Destination 5'

Christina Ricci's Knife Scare in Second 'After.Life' Clip

Official Mega Piranha Trailer Everything You Could Want in Life

Piranha 3D New Title Treatment and Updated Website

Patrick Lussier Hints at What Might Have Been for Halloween 3D

Ky├┤fu Coming to Haunt Japan in July

Amber Heard and Odette Yustman Don Bikinis in And Soon The Darkness Remake