DC's Flashpoint: "Today The World Changes"

DC Comics Flashpoint Geoff Johns Andy Kubert
Everything changes. Nothing will ever be the same. We've heard these promises before but there's no denying that things will indeed be changing in Flashpoint. With Geoff Johns DC Entertainment's Chief Creative Officer, he has become the creative guiding force leading the DC Universe. Starting Wednesday, May 11, he is taking the DCU (and us) on a ride we won't forget.

The teasers we've seen before have led to much speculation. Why is Batman running a casino? How did Superman end up in a government facility? What does the marriage of Wonder Woman and Aquaman mean for the world? How the heck did all this happen?

It will all begin with Barry Allen, working in the CSI division in Central City. He will discover that his mother, who was killed when he was a child, is alive. The heroes he knew are nowhere to be found. Who can he turn to try to solve this huge mystery? You're allowed to take one guess.

"Flashpoint" has been in the planning stages for nearly two years now. This summer we will see sixteen miniseries and four one shots that will expand upon the world seen as a result of Flashpoint. (Check out the first checklist here).

Flashpoint #1 is on sale this week. It's written by Geoff Johns with art by Andy Kubert. If you're a fan of DC comics, you will want to check this out. Run to your local comic shop (unless you have a car) and witness the change of the DC Universe.