DVD Review: "Nazis at the Center of the Earth"

The Asylum is known for one thing and they're proud. Any time a blockbuster sci-fi or horror film is heading into theaters, you can count on them releasing a low-budget version of it either straight-to-DVD or on the SyFy channel a week before. Recently we were blessed with "American Warships" in the shadow of "Battleship's" box office failure. Other movies following the same pattern include "Battle of Los Angeles," "Grimm's Snow White," "Almighty Thor," and "Princess of Mars."

Their latest project isn't really a rip-off of a big-budget film. It's more of an attempt to piggyback on the quirky success of an indie project entitled "Iron Sky" that's been making the rounds at different festivals lately. In the movie, we are treated to an alternate reality where the Nazis fled to the Moon in 1945 when it was evident they were going to lose the war. After centuries of preparing, they are now making ready to return and take over the world. Instead of heading into the heavens, The Asylum's "Nazis at the Center of the Earth" takes us in the other direction.

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