"Red Robin: 7 Days of Death" Graphic Novel Review

Over a period of 70 years, the Batman Family has grown from the tight-knit little group of the superhero, his trusty butler Alfred, and sidekick Robin to include dozens of extended family members from all over the world. There are six different versions of the Boy Wonder alone. Most have grown up and taken on their own alter egos to fight crime; sometimes side-by-side with the Dark Knight and other times while trying to get out from under his shadow.

Tim Drake is one of those individuals and his adventures were chronicled in the monthly comic series Red Robin in 26 issues between 2009 and 2011. "Red Robin: 7 Days of Death" collects issues 18 through 21, 23 through 26, and Teen Titans #92. It's made up of 4 different stories or sections.

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