DVD Review: "Sinister"

I've been interested in the work of Director / Writer Scott Derrickson since hearing he was a Christian many years back. I was fascinated to find someone else who shared not only my basic religious beliefs but also had a passion for the horror and science fiction genres I love so much. It's not often you hear of Christians who are successful in Hollywood.

Derrickson has an impressive resume of films and actors he's worked with over the years. His early endeavors consist of writing "Urban Legends: Final Cut" and directing and penning "Hellraiser: Inferno." He moved on to take the helm of "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and "The Exorcism of Emily Rose." Both of these films starred well-respected actors like Keanu Reeves, Laura Linney, and Tom Wilikinson. His latest film "Sinister" ranks at the top of his filmmaking career.

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