Bates Motel Season One Blu-ray

Whether it's Jason, Freddy, or Michael Myers, you can't keep a good homicidal maniac down. Sooner or later, something new will pop up for die-hard fans and new generations to enjoy. The classic characters from the "Psycho" franchise are no different. The last entry in the "Psycho" series was released in 1998 and wasn't very well received. It's no wonder it took 15 years to revisit the Bates homestead. Granted, it wasn't a continuation of the original storyline started by Alfred Hitchcock in 1960. It was Gus Van Sant's shot-by-shot remake starring Vince Vaughn and Anne Heche in the roles played by Anthony Hopkins and Janet Leigh. It's still the last we saw of Norman Bates, who many would consider the Granddaddy of Slasher anti-heroes. Read more