Bloody Homecoming DVD

Let's admit one thing going into this review. There's really nowhere new to go when it comes to the slasher genre. Anything you can think of has been done before. All we can hope for now is that the person making a new entry into the genre is skilled or dedicated enough to come up with something utilizing all the clich├ęs we've all seen before but in a different way. I try to keep all this in mind whenever I receive the latest slice-and-dice film in the mail.

"Bloody Homecoming" from Image Entertainment is the latest slasher film I was sent for review. All I could think about when gazing on the cover was, "Here's somne trying to do 'Prom Night' again." The cover featuring a girl in a homecoming dress holding a bloody tiara did bring a smile to my face and I found myself nostalgically looking forward to watching the movie. Read more