Celebrate the Fourth of July with SyFy Channel's "Independence Daysaster"

It’s early afternoon on the Fourth of July. You’ve already grilled out and ate lunch with the family. While you were going in and out of the house, you watched the one movie that is an absolute must for the holiday. Everyone knows “Independence Day” is required viewing on this great patriotic day of celebration. What do you do after the credits roll on Roland Emmerich’s blockbuster gem? Anchor Bay and SyFy Channel answer that nagging question with their release of “Independence Daysaster.”

An alien invasion strikes the Earth from above and below on the birthday of the United States. The President (Tom Everett Scott) is on his way to his hometown festivities when his helicopter is knocked out of the sky by one of the intergalactic enemy’s ships. After meeting up with his son and a group of survivors, he must lead them to safety and discover a way to stop the imminent destruction of the entire planet.

“Independence Daysaster” is a combination of every alien invasion film you’ve ever seen. They come from the sky and under the Earth just like in “War of the Worlds.” We discover their goal is to wipe out humanity and terraforming the planet like in “The Arrival.” I think the description above makes it obvious how it compares to “Independence Day.” If you’re wondering if there’s anything original about the film at all, I give you a resounding “no.”

The good thing about “Independence Daysaster” is that it’s clean fun for the whole family. There’s no over-the-top gore or bloodshed. People get smashed and sucked up, but there are never any graphic mutilations or decapitations seen onscreen. It’s just old-fashioned PG-rated disaster movie mayhem and relatively inoffensive as far as language is concerned.

The cast of "Independence Daysaster" is made up of familiar TV stars and supporting actors. Tom Everett Scott is present from "That Thing You Do" and "An American Werewolf in Paris." Andrea Brooks of "Supernatural" plays a teenager in love with physics. "Pretty Little Liars" villain Ryan Merriman gets to embrace the good as a heroic fireman.

Notice I didn’t use the descriptive word “good” before “clean fun” or “old-fashioned?” That’s because I wouldn’t consider this flick to be necessarily good either as an actual feature film or a “so-bad-it’s-good” B-movie. It takes itself way too seriously to be lampooned and isn’t engaging enough to hold your attention past the casual look up every minute or so while flipping through Facebook on your cell phone. However, “Independence Daysaster” can provide some light entertainment if you’re looking for something to help pass the time between lunch and dinner or before heading out to watch fireworks.

"Independence Daysaster" is available on DVD and as a Digital Download.