Few Survive "The Purge: Breakout"

“How would I react if I was put in that position?” Did you find yourself pondering the frightening idea when walking out of “The Purge: Anarchy?” Thousands of people found out as “The Purge: Breakout” experience rolled into Dallas, TX for a sold-out long weekend of shocks and terror.

“The Purge: Breakout” was an interactive experience which mixed together the best elements of a haunted house and scavenger hunt into one suspenseful and unforgettable adventure. Each team was made up of five to six people who had to make their way through two semi-trucks attached to each other and made up on the inside to look like the interior of a serial killer’s rundown house. Once you went through the entrance, you felt as if you were trapped in a nasty old home where crazy people lived.

The fact that we were locked in a cramped cage together with a gagged and chained up girl doing her best to yell at us to free her didn’t help us remember we were in a game. To get out of our predicament, we had to locate rope and a magnet to tie together and retrieve the keys outside of the bars to our prison. Once we did that, we had to make a decision whether to release the girl from her shackles or leave her. After all, what if she was one of the killers?

Each room in the “house” was made up to look like a living room, kitchen, or office. The goal was to make our way through the trail of locked doors by solving riddles left for us in each area. Our only hints were shouted at us by an extremely panicked girl who followed us to escape. We were given thirty minutes to get out before the siren marking the beginning of the Purge went off and we’d be eliminated.

I was very impressed by the attention to detail in every “room” designed for “The Purge: Breakout.” Most all the props looked authentic and you really felt like you were trapped in a dilapidated old house. Anyone with fear of the dark or claustrophobia would’ve had a meltdown.

As my group entered “The Purge: Breakout,” we were informed that only two percent of participants “survive” and actually finish successfully. We were not one of the lucky two percent. After taking what seemed like an eternity looking for clues in all the wrong places, we were just in time to make our way to the last room as the siren went off. One of the walls dropped down and the killer yelled as he acted like he was butchering us. Indeed, we had been purged.

“The Purge: Breakout” was a fun time and showed me how absolutely unprepared I am for the annual holiday. I would definitely be one of the first to meet my demise. I’ll just stick to watching other people suffer and try to survive in the movies.  

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