Nightwing Loses His Costume and Goes Secret Agent in Grayson

I have to admit when I first read that Dick Grayson was giving up his costumed crime fighting as Nightwing to become a secret agent I was disappointed. The character has quickly become one of my favorites among the reboot of the DC Universe and there’s so much more that I felt could be done with him.  Alas, I don’t run the comic book publisher and have no say in the decision. I’m simply along for the ride when it comes to new series Grayson, whether it is an agreeable or inadequate one.

After his secret identity is compromised by the Crime Syndicate of America, Dick Grayson abandons his battle against evil in the city of Gotham. He takes his crusade against crime to an international level by joining an organization known as Spyral. Together with his super-powered partner, he embarks on a rescue mission that could end up a fatal one for him.

Honestly, Writer Tim Seeley and Co-Plotter Tom King couldn’t have done a better job tackling the near-impossible job of following up the satisfying tales we were getting in the Nightwing series. They start issue #1 with an action-packed chase atop a racing train and end it with a cliffhanger that leaves you with a shocking reveal and feelings of betrayal and dread.   

Artist Mikel Janin brings all the action of Seeley and King’s storytelling to the printed page. His style isn’t really anything new, but he’s good at what he does. He utilizes elements of realism and animated qualities in his work. Jeremy Cox accents all the pencils with his dramatic coloring for each page.

It’s difficult coming to terms with the idea of seeing Batman's former sidekick fighting crime minus his costume in Grayson Issue #1. A promising tale of mystery and suspense coupled with the attractive elements of espionage and globe-trotting reminiscent of James Bond gives the new title a shot at longevity. It will certainly be interesting to see what territory the concept will move into in the future. 

Grayson Issue #1 is available now in print and Kindle editions.