"Damian: Son of Batman" Rises With a Vengeance

I was rather upset at the news that DC would be killing off Damian Wayne. I really didn’t see why they should off the character just when he was hitting his prime. Everybody knows that nobody stays dead in comic books so it was just a matter of time before he popped up again somehow. That somehow was Andy Kubert’s “What If?”-styled limited series Damian: Son of Batman.

The graphic novel edition simply entitled “Damian: Son of Batman” Deluxe Edition collects the four issue series combined with Batman #666 and #700. The book explores the idea of Damian Wayne surviving his run-in with Leviathan. He’s now living with the pain and grief that his father was taken from him. He dons a personalized Batman costume and hunts down criminals in Gotham City every night with one goal on his mind. He doesn’t get the police or the courts involved like his father did. He ends the problem once and for all by immediately eliminating the source.

I don’t think I have to go into any sort of detail to sell Andy Kubert’s brilliance as both a writer and artist. “Damian: Son of Batman” Deluxe Edition is just more proof positive of that fact. The two stories at the end of the book were written by Damian co-creator Grant Morrison. The entire collection of stories features all the aspects of adventure, drama, and tragedy we’ve come to expect from the original tales of the Dark Knight. What makes Damian’s tale so heartbreaking is his inability to embrace his father’s sense of morality.

I would rate “Damian: Son of Batman” deluxe Edition as PG-13 based on movie standards. We get plenty of violence and it’s rather gory. There’s what I would consider brief nudity and adult situations as well. It’s mostly Batman as opposed to Tali al Ghul, which is what most readers would expect. Let’s just say I’ve seen enough of Bruce Wayne’s muscular bare butt for my lifetime.

A section entitled “Growing Pains” features 29 pages of bonus material from “Damian: Son of Batman” Deluxe Edition." They include everything from character sketches, penciled pages, and scripts. Variant covers are found from Tony S. Daniel, Chris Burnham, Dustin Nguyen, Pat Gleason, and others.

If you are a fan of the character and were looking forward to seeing him one day take up the mantle of the Bat, look no further than “Damian: Son of Batman” Deluxe Edition to fulfill those dreams. Although we know he’s coming back soon, Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert’s tales of revenge will satisfy readers who can’t wait to see the Boy Wonder back in action. 

"Damian: Son of Batman" Deluxe Edition is available in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle editions.