If Rocket Raccoon Can Works As a Big Screen Hero, Why Not "Star Wars'" Jaxxon?

If the success of “Guardians of the Galaxy” has taught us anything, it’s that the world is ready for heroes as bizarre as a raccoon handling a large laser rifle and piloting a starship. Who would have thought even six months ago that audiences would be so open to such a seemingly ridiculous sight? That being said, I think it’s time for another Disney-owned property to pull a literal rabbit out of their hat. The world is obviously ready for Lucasfilm’s own version of a gun-wielding four-legged furry creature. Jaxxon, the green-haired hare should get his own “Star Wars” spin-off!

For those unaware of whom Jaxxon is and how he fits into the “Star Wars” saga, you need not look any further. Jax, as his friends call him for short, is a six feet and two inch pink-eyed Lepi from the planet Coachelle Prime. To Earthlings, his appearance would be compared to that of an angry Bugs Bunny with green fur dressed in a red spacesuit.

Jaxxon pilots a space freighter he’s dubbed the Rabbit’s Foot and travels a galaxy far, far, away taking odd jobs as a mercenary and smuggler. We meet the cocky alien for the first time when he joins Han Solo and the Star-Hoppers of Aduba-3 as a means of earning money to get his broken-down ship fixed. The group protects a small town and battle a giant monster called the Behemoth in several issues of the original “Star Wars” comic books from the late 1970s.

Roy Thomas and Howard Chaykin created Jaxxon, who is one of the first characters brought to life outside of the movie world for the “Star Wars” Expanded Universe. The large upright-standing rabbit was a tribute to Bugs Bunny in not only his appearance but also by name. In the Looney Tunes cartoons, Bugs would call people he met “Jackson.”

Fans of “Guardians of the Galaxy” have already started talking about how great James Gunn would be at helming his own “Star Wars” movie. Since we’ve already seen proof he can make a raccoon convincing in a live-action setting, why not give him a chance to do the same for Jaxxon? I think it’s pretty evident he’s the right director for the job.

I even have a great idea on how Jaxxon can be re-introduced to a whole new generation of “Star Wars” enthusiasts. Since Marvel and Lucasfilm are both owned by Disney, they can put together a “Guardians of the Galaxy” / “Star Wars” crossover comic.  It would team up Rocket Raccoon with Jaxxon on some rescue mission or other dangerous adventure. They could even do battle with each other in the introduction or something exciting like that. There are all sorts of different directions the book could go in.

Jaxxon is a grossly underused character in the “Star Wars” universe that quite easily could become a major component in the series of spin-offs Disney and Lucasfilm plan on releasing between each episode of the main saga. If audiences will accept a smart-aleck raccoon with a bad temper, why not a giant green hare with a similar disposition?