"The Remaining" Graphic Novel Adds to the Vision of the Movie

Christian comic book publisher Kingstone Media has stepped out of its comfort zone recently with their release of the graphic novel version of faith-based horror film "The Remaining." Although the company has printed original stories before outside of its historical and Biblical accounts, the move pushes the proverbial envelope even further. Casey La Scala's vision of the Rapture differs from what we've ever seen before through the entertaining, yet relatively sanitized, "Left Behind" and "Revelation Road" movies. 

It's a truly horrific vision of a world crumbling quickly in the aftermath of a supernatural event that ushers in seven years of terrible Tribulation and unleashes a dark presence bent on eliminating any glimmer of spiritual hope that arises out of the ashes of Armageddon. Writer Roland Mann and artist Kyle Hotz's handiwork perfectly accents and extends in illustrated form what we're served on the silver screen.

Roland Mann really doesn't veer far off from the script for the movie version of "The Remaining." Sometimes, comic book adaptations of films give us extra insight into events that take place in between what we see onscreen. This book is extremely faithful to Casey La Scala's original screenplay. 

Where things get more interesting is when the reader experiences artist Kyle Hotz's depictions of the demonic creatures we only get a momentary glance at in the movie version of "The Remaining." In the film, we're really only given one quick glance at the winged creatures taking out humans at the moment of their spiritual decisions. In the graphic novel, Mann doesn't shy away from giving us additional details on these grotesque agents of Satan.

Although it's Christian-oriented, I believe "The Remaining" graphic novel should hold a PG-13 or "T for Teen” rating. It contains some adult themes, scary situations, violence, and graphic death scenes. If you or your children read Batman or Justice League comics, you know what to expect.

"The Remaining" is a tense horror graphic novel which could sit next to other apocalyptic literature published by Vertigo or other independent publishers. It successfully bridges the gap between the Christian and mainstream comic book industries. One thing it does quite well is leave the reader wanting more and wondering where the story could be taken in the future.

"The Remaining" is available now in a paperback edition.