Interview with Director Adam Wingard and Writer Simon Barrett for "The Guest"

I’ve been interested in Director Adam Wingard’s work since reading about his award-winning 2010 film “A Horrible Way to Die.” My next run-in with him was posting articles about another critically praised entry in his filmography entitled “You’re Next.” When Lionsgate sent me a copy of that movie to review, I immediately devoured it and was floored by the great twists and turns I experienced along the way.

Needless to say, I was more than excited when approached about interviewing both Director Adam Wingard and Writer Simon Barrett for their newest collaboration “The Guest.” I’m happy to say that the movie is everything we’ve come to expect from these two genre geniuses. They once again deliver a solid example of what makes them stand above the rest of their film school colleagues. Wingard and Barrett take a familiar action / thriller formula while standing it on its head and giving it their own unique spin in the end.

“The Guest” revolves around a military veteran who returns from his tour of duty overseas. David seems to be the genuine article. A soft-spoken and well-mannered young man, he arrives on the doorstep of a fallen comrade’s home to tell his family his dying words and wishes.

With nowhere else to go, the family invites David to be their guest for a few days as he makes plans for the future. It gradually becomes all too apparent that their new visitor might not be who he claims to be as his behavior becomes more and more erratic. What sort of skeletons does David have in his closet and where did he really come from?

Sitting in the same room with them, it’s very evident why these two continue to work together on projects. Just answering questions, you can see how in sync Wingard and Barrett are as artists in their own respects. Without sounding cliché, they come remarkably close to finishing each other’s sentences.

Check out the round-table I participated in below. We discuss filming techniques, the soundtrack, and Dan Steven’s brilliant performance among other things. It’s nice to be in the same room with two guys who have such a passion for their work and the world’s they create.