Batman's Boyhood Home Becomes House of Crazies in Arkham Manor #1

With 2014 being Batman’s 75th anniversary, DC Comics is flooding every month with new titles for fans to scoop up. Arkham Manor is one of those books looking to give Dark Knight enthusiasts as much of a good thing as they can stomach plus a few more bites. Issue 1 kicks off an interesting storyline which engages readers from the get-go.

After the destruction of Arkham Asylum, its inmates were temporarily relocated to an outdoor sports arena. A more permanent facility is needed to keep the crazies locked up tightly. The government of Gotham City finds what it’s looking for in Wayne Manor.

With just a few minor adjustments to its locks and design, the monstrous estate will become home to the most dangerous criminals our Caped Crusader has ever faced. Luckily, our hero’s secret hideout is located right underneath it still. You can take the Wayne out of the Manor, but you can’t take the Bat out of the cave.

Writer Gerry Duggan does a fine job establishing an intriguing storyline which will no doubt keep readers coming back for more. It’s really not that complex of a tale, but still grabs your attention. What about the most famous estate in comic book history being turned into the most famous holding facility for Gotham’s criminally insane isn’t compelling? Batman’s secret lair hidden underneath it makes everything even more interesting. The last page of Arkham Manor #1 demands you return next month for part two.

Shawn Crystal provides his vision of Batman’s world through his art for Arkham Manor #1. It’s always a breath of fresh air to see a unique take on the familiar world and characters of Gotham City. His handiwork has a contemporary flare while maintaining a classic appearance.

Arkham Manor #1 is rated T for Teens. If you’ve seen “The Dark Knight,” nothing found here will shock you. There’s some crime scene gore but very little else parents should worry about. Batman doesn’t even get visually violent. Any vicious act of interrogation takes place behind the scenes.

There are so many Batman titles hitting shelves, it’s hard to decide which ones to follow. The decision is made even more difficult when all of the existing ones are either already well-established or have long-term staying power. Arkham Manor #1 makes the choice of what to read even harder thanks to unique artwork and a compelling tale that leaves you wanting more.

Arkham Manor #1 is available now in print and Kindle editions.

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