Deathstroke is Back in His Own Monthly Book

It comes as no surprise that DC Comics is re-launching a monthly series for Deathstroke. The character is more popular now than ever after being heavily featured on “Arrow,” “Son of Batman,” and different video games. Issue 1 is a great start to another chapter in the life of the mercenary-for-hire.

Slade Wilson travels to Russia for his latest mission of murder. Upon arriving, he partners up with contact Angelica to help track down his hit. It seems like a simple job, but circumstances get complicated when the target displays a deadly capability to technologically invade Deathstroke’s mind.

Tony S. Daniel is the writer for the newest tales of Deathstroke. Issue 1 gets the party started with plenty of intrigue and violence to keep readers’ attention. It’s fast-paced and keeps you moving forward at light speed.

Causing me to do a double take once again, Daniel is also handling the art duties for Deathstroke #1. I don’t know how this extremely talented man gets the time to keep up with not only an ever-expanding storyline, but also bringing it to life in illustrations. The whole concept is beyond amazing to me. Tony’s hyper-realistic style adds the perfect touch to an already satisfying comic.

Deathstroke #1 is rated T+ for Teen Plus. It’s not quite extreme enough to be suggested for mature readers only. There’s lots of bloodshed and gore topped with some adult situations.

There’s no doubt that Deathstroke’s missions will continue to be highlighted every month after this entertaining first issue. A healthy blend of action and drama with superb artwork guarantees readers will come back for more. Tony S. Daniel has once again taken a beloved character and expanded on his legacy.

Deathstroke #1 is available now in print and digital editions.