Teen Titans #3 Continues to Provide Extraordinary Adventure

Teen Titans is three issues into its relaunch and the team’s situation just keeps getting more and more perilous. A killer robot attacks Raven in broad nightlight as she relaxes at a punk rock show. She calls on the rest of the gang for backup. All signs are pointing at S.T.A.R. Labs as the instigator of the incident and Red Robin begins to investigate.

Writer Will Pfeifer pulls out all the stops in Teen Titans #3. The issue moves quickly and does what any good comic book should. It leaves you wanting more and gripping the edge of your seat. There’s plenty of interweaving drama and character interaction to keep readers engaged.

Teen Titans #3 is obviously targeted to teenagers. The way the narrative flows and the overall atmosphere of the book seeks to relate to youth who feel disenfranchised. It shows that even super heroes have everyday complications to deal with – even if they are on a much larger scale.

We also get insight into how the courageous actions of the group influence their peers who observe every move they make. Many times this is a good thing and promotes positive change. However, there are those who misinterpret and use what they’ve seen to justify their own agendas.

Kenneth Rocafort provides remarkable artwork that will keep your eyes fixed on every page. He faultlessly captures the intensity of Pfeifer’s words perfectly. Each panel of action explodes in vivid colors delivered by Dan Brown. The textures of the illustrations are impressive when Rocafort and Brown’s elements come together.

Teen Titans #3 is rated T for teens. All you get here is the action violence one would expect from a super hero book or movie. Of course every female character presented here wears lowcut or skintight shirts showcasing their cleavage.

I’m still trying to figure out why DC Comics decided to restart the Teen Titans series from number one. I don’t see any difference from the last incarnation of the team or in the tone of the book. There really wasn’t anything wrong before to fix. Teen Titans #3 is a fun ride that will relate to both teenagers and their geek parents.

Teen Titans #3 is available now in print and Kindle editions.