Decades of Waiting Finally Pay Off with "Batman: Limited Edition - The Complete Series"

After decades of political Hollywood back-and-forth, Dynamic Duo fanatics can now own all 120 episodes of the campy, colorful 1960’s television show “Batman.” There’s no time like the 75th anniversary of one of DC Comics’ most beloved super heroes to release this literal treasure box. “Batman: Limited Edition – The Complete Series” is packed full of all-new bonus material and collectibles.

Millionaire socialite Bruce Wayne and his teenage ward Dick Grayson live the high life in stately Wayne Manor. They appear to live in the lap of luxury without a worry in the world, served by their gentlemanly butler Alfred and Aunt Harriett. Little does the rest of the world know that the two mild-mannered men secretly battle evil as Batman and Robin. In a city filled with all sorts of colorful super villains, they’re armed only with utility belts full of technical gizmos and gadgets paired with their deductive detective skills and physical prowess.

You’ve never seen this television classic the way you will viewing “Batman: Limited Edition – The Complete Series.” Presented in 1080p High-Definition, I doubt it looked as good when it first aired back in 1966. It’s obvious from the clarity of the picture that quite a bit of blood and sweat went into restoring the original source material to deliver the highest quality video possible. The show was known for its colorful splashes of onomatopoeias and costumed heroes and criminals. It feels as if you’re living in a comic book as the adventures of our Caped Crusaders spring into action on the screen.

By no means am I technologically savvy, but I was a little bummed that producers of “Batman: Limited Edition – The Complete Series” didn’t supply an audio upgrade. It might not have been possible to bring it up to 5.1 surround since it was originally mono. However, I believe it’s been done before. We just get cleaned up Dolby Digital 1.0 audio here. It definitely sounds fine, but I still wonder what could’ve been.

“Batman: Limited Edition – The Complete Series” is filled with over three hours of entertaining extras. Six featurettes cover everything from memorabilia to creating the world of the television sensation. Hollywood stars and producers reveal their favorite memories of the show and Adam West shares his experiences as well. Bat rarities are pulled out of the vault to parade in front of home audiences.

The set also comes with a few highly collectible items. One is a Hot Wheels replica of the Batmobile to display in your office or anywhere else. 44 vintage trading cards feature vibrantly colored illustrations of the Dynamic Duo battling their arch villains. “The Adam West Scrapbook” includes dozens of behind-the scenes and promotional photos with anecdotes about his experiences playing Batman. A detailed guide gives a synopsis of every episode accompanied with pictures and facts about some of them.

“Batman: Limited Edition – The Complete Series” is fun for the whole family. Your older kids might find it highly corny or get the joke if they were fans of “Batman: The Brave and the Bold.” Younger kids will appreciate it for the same reasons you did when you were a child. It’s a fun, flashy, adventurous, and an all-around light-hearted good time for everyone. I love the dark and grim Dark Knight of today just as much as the next fanboy, but even super heroes need some time in the light once in a while.

“Batman: Limited Edition – The Complete Series” is available now on Blu-ray and DVD.