"Dolls" Stalk Your Home Courtesy of Scream Factory

Chucky and Annabelle didn’t have anything on Mr. and Mrs. Hartwicke’s terrifying collection of “unique” toys. Scream Factory reminds horror fans what came first with Charles Band and Stuart Gordon’s 1987 classic “Dolls.” It’s the perfect film if you’re looking for a means to help encourage your children to stop playing with their Barbies or action figures.

A group of travelers caught in a fierce storm are forced to find refuge at the mansion of an elderly couple. The two live alone in the large house amongst their homemade dolls. As the night goes on, strange occurrences lead the guests to believe something besides the two old folks live in the dark old manor.

“Dolls: Collector’s Edition” is presented in 1080p High-Definition with an aspect ratio of 1.85:1. The picture quality maintains the movie’s grainy 1980’s flavor while being improved upon by its Blu-ray upgrade. There’s no doubt the restoration provides better video than we’ve ever seen before in its DVD or VHS forms.

The 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio provides a terrorizing experience for home viewers. You’ll feel as if you’re one of the guests trapped in the haunted house full of dolls. Every sinister little giggle and note of the eerie musical score will keep you on edge and full of pleasurable anxiety.

Scream Factory doesn’t fail its audience when it comes to bonus material for “Dolls: Collector’s Edition.” Two separate audio commentaries give Director Stuart Gordon and Writer Ed Maha and Cast Members Carolyn Purdy-Gordon, Stephen Lee, Carrie Lorraine, and Ian Patrick William an opportunity to discuss and analyze the movie. A 38-minute featurette entitled "Toys of Terror: The Making of 'Dolls'" delves into the making of the classic. We also get a chance to see the film to storyboard comparison in an 8 minute clip. A still gallery and theatrical trailer round out the special features.

“Dolls” is rated R for violence, language, and adult situations. Surprisingly, there’s no nudity to be found. There’s talk about sex, but never anything blatantly shown. The film does contain graphic scenes of folks being carved up by the title oddities. I’d have to say this is pretty tame in comparison to what we’re used to seeing now or even back then when it comes to nudity or sexual situations.

“Dolls: Collector’s Edition” is the perfect blend of haunted house gothic thrills and fairy tale frights. Its classic storm-drenched setting and creepy cast of characters guarantee the film to go down in horror history as a 1980s classic. The new Blu-ray edition will make for a great addition to your home entertainment collection.

“Dolls: Collector’s Edition” is available now on Blu-ray.