Superman Faces His Fate in Earth 2: World’s End #15

Final Days. This title alone caught my eye when I began reading Earth 2: World’s End #15. It seems most comics we see nowadays promise new content. Earth 2 does that. It gives you unpredictable content.

Earth 2, as I put it, is DC’s sandbox for storylines they are too scared to publish in regular continuity. Issue 15 makes a bold statement by killing the original Superman. He dies about as heroically as he can. The Man of Steel sacrifices himself to end a cloning experiment that would make evil Supermen. This issue is also strongly influenced by Dick Grayson’s search for his son. It shows how far Grayson is willing to go to save him, as he eliminates a few street thugs with no problem whatsoever.

The art and writing for this comic are incredibly good. My one problem is that there are currently three writers and four artists for this one comic. The illustrations are phenomenal and the writing is solid. However, why do we need four artists and three writers for a 20-page comic (excluding all advertisements)?

Overall, this comic is a definite read for any Earth 2 or Future’s End readers. The World’s End team does a great job keeping comic book fans engaged. When it comes to just wanting a good storyline that can do whatever it wants, this series is a must read.

Earth 2: World’s End #15 is written by Mike Johnson, Marguerite Bennett, and Daniel H. Wilson. Art is provided by Paulo Siqueira, Jorge Jimenez, Eduardo Pansica, and Eddy Barrows. The cover was illustrated by Andrea Sorrentino. (Review by Everett Shirey) 

Earth 2: World’s End #15 is available now in print and digital editions.




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