"Twilight," "New Moon," and "Eclipse" Extended Editions Released In One Collection

You say you haven’t had enough of Edward and Bella? You need more of Jacob Black’s pecs in your life? You prefer glittering fangless vampires to the nasty, messy, and unattractive ones found in “30 Days of Night?” Summit Entertainment heard your cries and fulfills yours deepest wishes with “The Twilight Saga Extended Editions.”

“The Twilight Saga Extended Editions” includes “Twilight,” “New Moon,” and “Eclipse.” Don’t ask me why they didn’t throw in “Breaking Dawn” Parts 1 and 2. Part 1 already has an extended edition and would’ve been rather painless for the studio to include. Why didn’t they just piece together an extended version of Part 2 and make this release a fan’s ultimate dream package? We’ll probably never know.

“Twilight” features 4 extra minutes of romance and drama. “New Moon” is extended from 130 minutes to 137 minutes. “Eclipse” is bumped up from 124 minutes to 129 minutes. Basically, you’re buying all 3 movies again for 16 minutes of added footage. If you’re one of the legions of enthusiasts who adore this franchise, it’ll be worth every penny.

“The Twilight Saga Extended Editions” come together in one regular sized Blu-ray amaray case. It’s pretty darn nice when it comes to storage. The new packaging sure beats the heck out of the bulky “Twilight Forever” behemoth. There’s only one problem: it doesn’t include either of the “Breaking Dawn” movies or the special features! If you’re a completist, you have to find space on your shelf for both sets.

Let me jump up on my soap box for a minute now. Although “The Twilight Saga” does send some negative messages to girls out there, it also has some good ones I enjoyed seeing as well. Bella is weak and way too obsessed with a guy to the point that she will do anything for him. It makes her sort of pathetic. However, I did appreciate the fact that Edward and Bella kept from having pre-marital sex in a day when not much thought is put into giving yourself away to anybody who comes along. Even though it’s not part of the set, I liked the fact that Bella wouldn’t kill her baby in “Breaking Dawn,” which directly or indirectly (if you ask Director Bill Condon) promoted pro-life.

If you can settle for just the first three movies with no special features in one handy set and already have the “Breaking Dawn” Blu-rays, “The Twilight Saga Extended Editions” will satisfy you. I’m one of the ten guys on the planet Earth that actually like this series and I was a bit annoyed when I received it not to see all the movies included. Some folks might feel like they’re being taken advantage of after buying the movies multiple times by now.

“The Twilight Saga Extended Editions” is available now on Blu-ray and DVD.




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