Interview with Michael Ironside for "Turbo Kid"

Michael Ironside is one of the most recognized faces among genre fans. He’s become known as the fearsome baddie who gives everyone’s hero a run for their money. Among his 229 film credits, many of those include appearances in sci-fi and horror productions like “Scanners,” “Total Recall,” “Highlander II: The Quickening,” “Terminator Salvation,” and many more.

The Canada-born actor has also racked up a number of roles in mainstream Hollywood fare. He starred in “Top Gun,” “The Next Karate Kid,” “Free Willy,” and others. His many appearances on television include, “ER,” “The A-Team,” “V,” “SeaQuest 2032,” “Vegas,” “Community,” and many more.

One of Ironside’s latest projects was an apocalyptic sci-fi gore fest entitled “Turbo Kid.” He plays the sadistic and self-proclaimed leader of the Wasteland named Zeus. The movie revolves around the Kid, a young solitary scavenger obsessed with comic books that must face his fears and become a reluctant hero when he meets a mysterious girl named Apple. Despite their efforts to keep to themselves, Zeus plagues the Kid and Apple. Armed with little more than blind faith and an ancient turbocharged weapon, the Kid learns of justice and friendship and embarks on an incredible journey to rid the Wasteland of evil and save the girl of his dreams.

I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Ironside as he relaxed between projects. The extremely friendly actor held no air of Hollywood around him as we discussed his role in “Turbo Kid" and “Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone 3-D.” The 1980s cult classic came up in conversation because of its recent re-release on DVD coupled with "Krull."

Listen up as Mr. Ironside shares his experiences on filming “Turbo Kid” and “Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone 3-D.” You’ll hear him explain how charming the hyper-violent 2015 Sundance Film Festival Selection is. He also reflects on his time as the villain Overdog and part-time wise old monk on the set of the 1983 sci-fi adventure.

Get more information on "Turbo Kid" at the movie's official Facebook page.




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