"Superman: Earth One Volume 3" Gives Fresh Look at Hero

The "Earth One" series offers a unique view into the lives of our favorite superheroes: from Batman and Superman to Teen Titans. "Superman: Earth One" is by far my favorite. Earth One is part of the 52 Multiverse spectrum, which makes this one of many alternate realities. It gives us a very human view into the Man of Steel's life.

"Superman: Earth One Volume 3" shows how tough certain decisions are for our hero to make. The Man of Steel is much more inexperienced. Compared to Earth Prime (our Earth), Superman is more aggressive toward hostile enemies. He makes faulty decisions. The third entry in the graphic novel series focuses on our hero confronting General Zod and Lex and Alexandria Luthor.

Sandra Hope and Ardian Syaf's art for "Superman: Earth One Volume 3" is top notch. It's some of the best I've seen from DC Comics. Writer J. Michael Straczynski captures the essence of the Last Son of Krypton like none before.

Straczynski's interpretation of Zod is unique and brings new material to the table. Zod is Kal-­El’s uncle and is as human as he can be. He helps Kal-El and teaches him things. Little does Kal know, Zod is testing his limits and powers. Once he finds those limits, he reports to the United Nations and promises to kill Superman. At the same time, Lex and Alexandria Luthor are working on a device that will weaken the Man of Steel.

"Superman: Earth One Volume 3" was sensational. I can't wait for Volume 4 in this great graphic novel series. It brings readers a fresh look at the Man of Steel and succeeds with a grand story. (Review written by Everett Shirey)

"Superman: Earth One Volume 3" is available now in print and Kindle editions.




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