Bat-Family Confronts Joker / Batman Cyborg in Futures End #38

The New 52: Futures End really shaped up this issue. It’s still jumbled around and unfocused on a single plot, but managed to complete a minor story issue before leaving us clueless. Issue #38 focuses more on Batman Beyond, Dick Grayson, and the new Firestorm. The main villain is a Joker/Batman cyborg. The comic also centralizes on the Firestorm duo which now is composed of Jason Rusch, and Madison Payne.

Issue #38 captures the essence of what a universe-wide event is by incorporating minor heroes and major heroes. This week’s release resumes right where #37 left off. Batman Beyond, Batman, and Tim Drake team up to fight an evil cyborg combination of Joker and the Dark Knight.

After a short round one, the comic jumps to see Firestorm confronting the evil scientist who fused Madison and Jason together. It then switches to Frankenstein being brought back to his castle to be repaired. The last page of the book features a shocking reveal that will have classic monster fans salivating.

Andy McDonald’s art for issue #38 was magnificent. Keith Giffen, Dan Jurgens, Jeff Lemire, and Brian Azzarello’s writing was a remarkable change from last week’s issue. Overall, The New 52: Futures End #38 is still aiming high for a massive conclusion that will shake the DC Universe. Tensions are high as these superheroes are being pushed to their limits. We continue into the Future and on to the End. (Review written by Everett Shirey)

The New 52: Futures End #38 is available now in print and Kindle editions.