King of Atlantis Takes Lead in “Aquaman and the Others Vol. 1"

DC Comics gives the King of Atlantis his own team of super heroes to lead in “Aquaman and the Others Volume 1: Legacy of Gold.” The graphic novel collection gathers together issues 1 through 5 of the new series with Aquaman #1 and Aquaman Annual #1. The captivating book is written by comic mainstays John Ostrander (Suicide Squad, Firestorm) and Dan Jurgens (Booster Gold, Superman).

Aquaman reunites with The Prisoner, Ya’Wara, and The Operative for a deadly mission. They join forces after finding themselves targeted by an unknown foe. The super team soon realizes they're being hunted by a predator who wants their Atlantean artifacts!

The inclusion of the “hidden” artifacts of Atlantis gives “Aquaman and the Others Volume 1: Legacy of Gold” a mythical and supernatural quality which makes the tale more epic. Imagine a treasure hunt in which the items being fought over are physically attached to the very super hero stars of the story. The villains must find a way to strip their trophies from the clutches of Aquaman and his colleagues.

The graphic novel is rated T for teens. It includes comic book violence and mild gore, mild profanity, and some mild frightening and intense scenes. Anyone who watches PG-13 action movies should be fine with “Aquaman and the Others Volume 1: Legacy of Gold.”

“Aquaman and the Others Volume 1: Legacy of Gold” is another reminder of the majesty DC Comics has bestowed upon the King of Atlantis thanks to Geoff Johns’ successful retooling of the character for the New 52. John Ostrander and Dan Jurgens have forged a compelling tale full of betrayal and revenge which examines the lengths one will go to in order to regain their family legacy. The various artists like Allen Martinez and Lan Medina visually realize the epic story and give the super heroes the imagistic limelight they deserve.

“Aquaman and the Others Volume 1: Legacy of Gold” is available now in print and Kindle editions.




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