"Big Hero 6" Flies Into Homes Everywhere

Disney’s animated version of Marvel’s “Big Hero 6” comes home to thrill families. You can now own the movie which rightfully won an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film. A successful blend of relatable characters, life lessons, and plenty of hilarity and frantic excitement make for an enduring movie which will have you going back for repeated viewings.

In “Big Hero 6,” Robotics prodigy Hiro (Ryan Potter) lives in the city of San Fransokyo. Next to his older brother, Tadashi, Hiro's closest companion is Baymax (Scott Adsit), a robot whose sole purpose is to take care of people. When a devastating turn of events throws Hiro into the middle of a dangerous plot, he transforms Baymax and his other friends, Go Go Tamago (Jamie Chung), Wasabi (Damon Wayans Jr.), Honey Lemon (Genesis Rodriguez) and Fred (T.J. Miller) into a band of high-tech heroes.

Imagine the Avengers if their powers were created and organized by a group of teen tech-geeks at M.I.T. If you can wrap your head around that idea, you know what to expect from “Big Hero 6.” Each costumed kid has his own unique place on the team. The voice actors who give life to the individual characters pour their hearts, souls, and charisma into each role.

The Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD Collector’s Edition of “Big Hero 6” features some great bonus material. The charming theatrical short “Feast” is included. There are also three featurettes entitled “The Origin of ‘Big Hero 6:’ Hiro’s Journey,” “Big Hero Secrets,” and “Big Animator 6: The Characters Behind the Characters” for viewers to go behind the scenes of the making of the movie. Deleted scenes such as alternate openings and an intro by the directors are featured.

“Big Hero 6” is rated PG for action and peril, some rude humor, and thematic elements. Things get a little deep and dark for younger viewers when the movie focuses on the deaths of some key characters. The comic book violence is less than what we’ve seen in the live-action Marvel movies.

Although the recognizable logo is nowhere to be found, there’s no denying that “Big Hero 6” is a Marvel movie animated by Disney. It’s a perfect example of a flawless adaption of a comic book property aimed at both kids and adults. Serious subject matter like dealing with the death of loved ones and the importance of life choices are tackled, but made easier to swallow with a big dose of action and humor. The Mouse House has definitely found a new franchise to build upon for years to come.

“Big Hero 6” is available now on Blu-ray, DVD, and as a Digital Download.




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