Grant Morrison Offers Exhaustive Multiversity Guidebook for DC

Standing at 80 pages long, The Multiversity Guidebook is a near-exhaustive concordance of the 52 parallel worlds that make up the DC Universe. It features a complete history of DC Comics’ universe-changing “Crisis” events, a map of all known existence, and an action-packed dual adventure starring Kamandi of Earth-51 alongside the post-apocalyptic Atomic Knight Batman of Earth-17 and chibi Batman of Earth-42. We also get to meet the super-powered inhabitants of the different worlds like Agents of W.O.N.D.E.R. The Light Brigade, the Super-Americans, the Love Syndicate, the Accelerated Man, Aquaflash, BiOmac, and more.

The in-depth story is written by Grant Morrison and gives us a brief synopsis of all the multiverses and a prequel of sorts to DC’s massive “Convergence”event. The overall content of the issue is quite spectacular, but it lacks the simplicity needed to keep the reader's understanding of what is happening.

Morrison's writing will no doubt be too complicated for a normal reader who does not have the patience or interest to dive into Quantum mechanics or the likes. He shoves too much science and theoretical ideas down the reader's throat.

He does, however, give us an insight into all the other Earth’s in the Multiverse of DC. We get to see everything from Thunderworld to a vampire Justice League. With each world introduced, we also get to see a brief history of why it's the way it is.

Grant Morrison and his team create a wonderful issue that gives us more than enough information to get ready for “Convergence” with The Multiversity Guidebook. The art is very well done by a number of different talent as well. What's in store for our heroes as the "Convergence" event arrives this March? If this issue leaves us with any indication, it’s that we are all in for a treat. (Review written by Everett Shirey)

The Multiversity Guidebook is available now in print and Kindle editions.




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