Jack Deth is Back on Blu-ray for "Trancers II"

Full Moon Features continues to push out their classic catalog on Blu-ray with the release of “Trancers II: The Return of Jack Deth.” Charles Band takes the reins again on this energetic and enjoyable follow-up to his original 1984 cult film. Just don’t expect the same hard-boiled noir feel as the first or you’ll be disappointed.

Trancers II: The Return of Jack Deth” sees our heroic trooper (Tim Thomerson) returning again to save a Los Angeles commodities broker from zombies. Things get complicated when his wife (Megan Ward) from the future is sent back to help him. His wife in the present, Lena (Helen Hunt), is none too happy to see her. Jack is now stuck balancing two women and trying to destroy a sinister plot involving Trancers.

It’s amazing that Band could bring together most of the cast from the first “Trancers” to reprise their roles. A lot can happen in seven years and Helen Hunt was about to blow up big-time on TV and the big screen. On top of that, he added impressive newcomers Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton, Richard Lynch, and Bond girl Martine Beswick to the mix.

“Trancers II: The Return of Jack Deth” is rated R for adult situations, violence and gore, profanity, smoking and drinking, and frightening and intense scenes. If released today, the movie would be PG-13 at the most. There’s some blood-splattering when the Trancers are shot, but nothing more since they then disintegrate in a flash of light. Adult situations are made up of some kissing and talk.

Full Moon Features always does their best to give fans what they want when it comes to bonus material and their Blu-ray release of “Trancers II: The Return of Jack Deth” is no different. Special features include audio commentary by Tim Thomerson, Megan Ward, and Charles Band. We also get the original VideoZone featurette for the movie, a rare blooper reel, and a rare photo gallery.

Sci-Fi actioner “Trancers II: The Return of Jack Deth” makes the most of a low budget through its setting in the past and minimal need for special effects. The look of the title beasties is accomplished through practical make-up and the only need for VFX comes when the monsters evaporate in a haze of laser lighting. Writers Jackson Barr and Charles Band build an engaging story through the use of a bizarre love triangle, humor, drama, and adventure. Although this sequel doesn’t hold quite the same charm as the original, it stands on its own and successfully continues the saga of Jack Deth.

“Trancers II: The Return of Jack Deth” is available now on Blu-ray.




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