Writer / Director Lowell Dean Introduces Us to "WolfCop"

Writer / Director Lowell Dean has a varied roster of television shows and movies he’s helmed since his career kicked off in 2006. Not content to simply stay within one genre, he’s used his talents on everything from reality and documentary series to horror films. “Wolfcop” is his latest release and it will please fans that are always up for some gore and horrifyingly ridiculous fun.

I had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Dean about his time making “Wolfcop.” He shared what viewers can expect from the film and the challenges faced when creating a sophisticated piece of independent cinema. Even though it’s his written word, I’m pretty sure his sense of humor will resonate through this interview.

How did you get involved in “WolfCop?”

The idea for WolfCop popped into my brain when I was working on a different script. The character was so funny, weird, and cool that I immediately dropped everything and worked on that script instead.

Give us a brief synopsis of “WolfCop.”

“WolfCop” is the story of pathetic, hard drinking cop Lou Garou. Lou is wasting away his life in the (seemingly simple) small town when something happens that changes him forever. Spoiler alert: he becomes a WolfCop, and must use his newfound powers for justice and to protect his town.

Tell us a little bit about your experience making “WolfCop.”

“WolfCop” was a crazy film to make; much like any independent film is no doubt a challenge as you are constantly fighting for more time and more money. For us we also had to fight things like bad weather as we were shooting in Saskatchewan. However, it was also great fun because we had a WolfCop on our set and no shortage of day to day weirdness.

What sort of message (if any) do you think “Wolfcop” is trying to deliver to audiences?

That’s a tough question. I think the true message of “WolfCop” is it’s never too late to be a better WolfCop… or crime doesn’t pay.

If you were in line at the movies and someone was trying to choose between “Wolfcop” and the other latest ones, how would you convince them to see your film?

I feel like people already know, in their heart, if they want to see “WolfCop.” If they were on the fence, I would let them know that what our film may lack in budget or big Hollywood stars, it more than makes up for with weirdness, gore, sex appeal, and a few things you can never ever unsee.

“WolfCop” is available now on Blu-ray, DVD, and as a Digital Download.




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