Get Ready to Celebrate "New Year's Evil" in Hi-Def

Scream Factory will make many horror and slasher fans very happy with the release of the rare and long-sought-after holiday slaughterfest “New Year’s Evil” on Blu-ray. They definitely missed the boat for the 2014 to 2015 festivities, but never again will I have to watch a bootleg copy or wonder if it it’s streaming on Netflix. I have all the blood and guts in high-definition to enjoy from now on.

In “New Year’s Evil,” Diane "Blaze" Sullivan (Roz Kelly) is the host of a nationally televised punk-rock show on New Year’s Eve. She begins receiving calls from a mysterious killer (Kip Niven) who tells her of his sadistic plans. The lunatic will off someone at midnight in each of America’s major time zones… and she will be the last.

“New Year’s Evil” takes an interesting approach to the typical slasher flick. Instead of the killer being masked and the audience being left wondering who they are, the murderer is identified almost immediately. The mystery we’re left to solve is who they are and why they’re targeting radio show host Roz Kelly. What is the endgame of the stalker and why is he targeting the DJ?

Scream Factory gives enthusiasts of “New Year’s Evil” some engaging bonus material for its Blu-ray debut. Audio commentary from Director Emmett Alston is included. There are also new interviews with actors Kip Niven, Grant Cramer, Taaffe O’Connell and Director of Photography Thomas Ackerman. A theatrical trailer is found as well.

“New Year’s Evil” is rated R for violence, gore, language, adult situations, and nudity. If you’ve seen any other 1980s slasher films, you know what to expect. There’s also smoking and drinking at the big New Year’s party.

I don’t know how much more perfect “New Year’s Evil” could be. It’s a fitting and entertaining holiday slasher for a time of the year that usually gets lost in all the Christmas craziness. As a bonus, the movie is a reflection of the 1980s new wave and punk rock movements that defined the era. Blended together, we get a film worthy to be added to any horror fan’s annual end-of-the-year home entertainment collection.

“New Year’s Evil” is available now on Blu-ray.