"Something Wicked" Enters Your Home

Arc Entertainment serves up another slice of thrills and chills with the suspense thriller “Something Wicked.” Touted as Brittany Murphy’s last performance, it delivers through deliberate psychological missteps and a lingering dark sense of dread that leaves the viewer wondering if all is what it seems. Although it’s not quite up to par with most theatrical releases, it deserves a status a few notches above the Lifetime and TV-movies category it will no doubt be lumped into.

In “Something Wicked,” a young couple makes their wedding plans shortly after the death of the bride’s parents in a tragic car collision with a train. As they settle into married life, gruesome secrets from their past collide with the present.

“Something Wicked” achieves what all movies should aim for. It gives audiences a distraction from real life for over ninety minutes through a series of ups and downs and loops and sharp turns that any fan of suspense thrillers will enjoy. I had my suspicions of what might happen in the end, but it didn’t affect the level of entertainment I experienced along the journey.

“Something Wicked” is rated R for violence, sexuality, and language. Although there are a few sensual moments that get a little steamier than what we see in made-for-TV movies, that’s really the only thing that would push this into R-rated territory. Things never go overboard in the areas of violence and gore.

Brittany Murphy shows great emotional depth as the tortured sister-in-law of the lead character. She switches from grounded psychologist to a helpless, crazed, and empathetic shell with the sense of professionalism you would only hope for in a much more seasoned actor. I don’t know whether it was for the role or not, but her greasy slick-backed hair and pale features matched her character’s agonized and mentally drained personality.

“Something Wicked” is the equivalent of a Lifetime movie if production and the budget were taken one step further. One or two good twists and a big lie by omission fuel this suspense thriller. A cast who are invested in their characters lends a level of quality to a film that successfully rises above what could have been just another direct-to-DVD casualty. It acts as an acceptable tribute to the late Brittany Murphy, who turns out a fine performance in her last role.

“Something Wicked” is available now on DVD and as a Digital Download.




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