Can Batman Beyond Save The World From the Justice Lords?

DC Comics proves once again that if you can’t continue producing a television series, the next best thing to do is keep it alive via the printed (or digital) page. “Batman Beyond 2.0 Volume Two: Justice Lords Beyond” brings together issues 9 through 12 of the popular 1990's series. The graphic novel collection gives the world of Terry McGinnis an even more epic feeling than ever before through merging alternate timelines together to cataclysmic results.

In “Batman Beyond 2.0 Volume Two: Justice Lords Beyond,” Wonder Woman is back. What secret is she hiding? Meanwhile, Batman’s journey through the dystopian world of the Justice Lords takes a deadly turn. The Dark Knight of the future finds himself facing Lord Superman!

Kyle Higgins and Christos Gage do an incredible job of intermingling the Justice League of the future with the Justice Lords of a different and bleaker timeline. Thony Silas, Dexter Soy, and Mateo Guerrero admirably lend their drawing talents to bring the story to vivid and grim realization. It’s a volatile mixture which will capture the imagination of DC fans that grew up watching the “Batman Beyond” show either the first time around or in repeats.

The rating for “Batman Beyond 2.0 Volume Two: Justice Lords Beyond” is “T” for Teens. It’s the equivalent of PG-13 for movies. It contains violence and gore, profanity, frightening and intense scenes, and adult situations. There’s quite a bit of destruction and mayhem that might be a bit much for younger readers. Wonder Woman and Lord Superman definitely delve into some rather mature discussions which might not need to be read by pre-teen eyes.

“Batman Beyond 2.0 Volume Two: Justice Lords Beyond” features an engaging tale of two worlds crisscrossed and ultimately at odds with each other. Visually things get a bit confusing as the reader must carefully follow which character is from which timeline as they do battle with their doppelganger. Yes, each of their costumes are slightly altered. They’re still similar, though, at first glance. Fans of the Batman and Justice League Beyond Universe will definitely appreciate what’s offered within the pages of this book.

“Batman Beyond 2.0 Volume Two: Justice Lords Beyond” is available now in print and Kindle editions.




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