"Invaders from Mars" Are Coming to Get You!

Scream Factory brings “Invaders from Mars” into your home for the first time on Blu-ray. Director Tobe Hooper’s remake of the 1953 classic takes the always successful Amblin Entertainment formula made famous through films like “E.T.: The Extra-terrestrial,” “Space Camp,” and “Explorers” and adds his own flair. He takes those familiar ingredients and combines them with frightening aliens intent on taking over the world one small town at a time.

In "Invaders from Mars," a boy (Hunter Carson) begins seeing his parents and neighbors act like zombies. Is it a coincidence the weirdness all started after a flying saucer landed in his back yard?

The big genre star in “Invaders from Mars” is veteran genre actor Karen Black. She’s perfectly cast in the role of the panicked and constantly tormented school nurse who believes our young lead character is telling the truth. Is she a little overdramatic and campy at times? Of course she is… she’s Karen Black in a horror movie!

“Invaders from Mars” is rated PG in that wonderful way many 1970s and 1980s movies were. It contains a lot of content that would’ve merited it at least PG-13 today. The movie includes violence but no real gore. Many sequences will frighten younger viewers because of how the aliens appear and the intensity they’ll feel as the lead characters are chased down. The young boy in the film has quite a filthy mouth, much like his counterparts in several other movies featuring children experiencing fantastic adventures in the 1980s.

Scream Factory filled the Blu-ray edition of “Invaders from Mars” with all sorts of bonus material. Audio commentary is provided by Director Tobe Hooper. Hooper, Actor Hunter Carson, Special Creature Effects Artists Alec Gillis and Gino Crognale, and Composer Christopher Young all participate in the all-new “The Martians Are Coming! – The Making of ‘Invaders from Mars’” documentary. It also features a theatrical trailer, TV spot, original storyboards, and an original production illustration gallery from Artist William Stout.

“Invaders from Mars” will fit nicely in your Blu-ray collection between “The Goonies” and “The Monster Squad.” It has all the elements of the coming-of age films of the 1980s directed and produced by Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis, and others. The only difference is it delves a bit deeper into the horror and sci-fi realms. It’s exactly the sort of genre movie you would expect “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “Poltergeist” Director Tobe Hooper would want to watch as an alienated (pun intended) boy.

“Invaders from Mars” is available now on Blu-ray.




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