The End is Now for the DC Heroes of Two Worlds

The End is here! DC Comics gave readers the conclusions to the weekly series of Earth 2: World’s End and The New 52: Future’s End. The wrap-ups saw a very grim week in the realms of our heroes.

DC gave us a hint at what was to come with their descriptions of each issue. The New 52: Future’s End #48 had the tag line “EYE AM YOUR FUTURE!” Earth 2: World’s End #26 let us in on the secret by stating “Darkseid wins. All hail Darkseid!”

The New 52: Future’s End finished with issue #48 and can only be described as forbidding. All hope has been lost in the final page of this epic conclusion. Patrick Zircher’s art for the book was amazing and the powerhouse writing team of Keith Giffen, Dan Jurgens, Jeff Lemire, and Brian Azzarello was awesome. It was an amazing final issue to one of the best weekly series of late.

Earth 2: World’s End came to a close with issue #26 and showed us a glimpse of our heroes’ futures. Darkseid has gathered his army and is causing our world to die. We get a cliffhanger as a finish that ushers us into Convergence to find out what has happened to all the super powers. The art provided by Paulo Siqueira, Robson Rocha, RB Silva, Jorge Jimenez, Tyler Kirkham, and Eddy Barrows accompanied by the writing talent of Mike Johnson, Marguerite Bennett, and Daniel H. Wilson was remarkable. The book brought the series to a worthy finale. It was definitely one of the best issues of Earth 2: World’s End.

The conclusions to both Earth 2: World’s End and The New 52: Future’s End lead up to the first issue of Convergence. Any fan of these comics should definitely look into Convergence. Although many will look at it as just another attempt at a Universe-wide event, it’s actually quite an ingenious way to throw all the existing DC creations together into a complex battle royale. (Review written by Everett Shirey)

Earth 2: World’s End #26 is available now in print and Kindle editions.

The New 52: Future’s End #48 is available now in print and Kindle editions.




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