"Kirk's Boldest Missions" Highlights Where We've Gone Before

William Shatner’s most iconic role as the Commander of the Starship Enterprise needs no introduction to anyone who has embraced the wide worlds of science fiction cinema, television, and literature. In case you somehow jumped on the bandwagon blindly with the release of the 2009 reboot starring Chris Pine as our skipper to new galaxies, CBS Studios wants to rectify that situation. “Star Trek: The Original Series – Captain Kirk’s Boldest Missions” looks to educate new viewers and recap old ones through highlights of the Federation’s most celebrated Starfleet officer.

“Star Trek: The Original Series – Captain Kirk’s Boldest Missions” is a collection of eight episodes celebrating the character William Shatner made a household name of when the television show premiered in 1966. They include important adventures like “The Carbomite Maneuver,” "The Conscience of the King," "Balance of Terror," "Space Seed," "The City on the Edge of Forever," "Mirror, Mirror," "The Doomsday Machine," and "Return to Tomorrow." We get to experience Kirk becoming a Romulan, meeting Khan for the first time, wooing Joan Collins, and turning evil all captured on the same DVD.

I can personally guarantee top-notch entertainment as I’m sure all the Kirk clichés you can think of will be touched upon. His shirt will be torn somehow, revealing his chest or abdomen. Several “Kirk Rolls” will be witnessed. So many personal expressions of pain, agony, sorrow, happiness, and anger will be reflected on the face of the extremely emotive William Shatner as he goes through just another ordinary day of intergalactic exploration.

A bonus that comes with “Star Trek: The Original Series – Captain Kirk’s Boldest Missions” is the appearance of the late Leonard Nimoy in every one of the episodes. He serves his Commander with all the loyalty the pointy-eared Science Officer can logically muster. With his recent death still fresh on every fan’s mind, you can never get too much Mr. Spock.

“Star Trek: The Original Series – Captain Kirk’s Boldest Missions” reminds all of us what sort of take-charge man our leader can be. He’s as vulnerable as the next guy, but overcomes it with a healthy dose of passionate brashness and bravery we’ve all come to know and love. If you have all three seasons of the classic sci-fi show, you’ll probably question why you would want to buy a DVD full of miscellaneous episodes you already own. It’s quite simple. You might find yourself in need of a quick Shatner fix and a collection of his finest moments all in one place will definitely come in handy at that time.

“Star Trek: The Original Series – Captain Kirk’s Boldest Missions” is available now on DVD.




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